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Transloading options

Not to self promote, but what Peter Schneider 🚛🚢🚂 is showing here is one of the reasons why shippers have been transloading to 53-foot spot dry van truckload in recent months.

Shippers are concerned about 32 vessels anchored outside the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach, then at least two weeks and often more of rail dwell on IPI (international intermodal), then more delays to get a chassis and container out of the stack in Chicago, Kansas City, Memphis, the Ohio Valley, Detroit.

Throw in trucks are cheaper than what the railroad will charge for a transloaded 53-foot box in California — unless someone like Garry Old of COFC Logistics, LLC or Mark Christos of Matson Logistics or APL Logistics has available capacity — you can understand why NVOs are telling their importers to transload to trucks in California right now.

Shippers don’t want to miss out on 3Q & 4Q sales.

I would say though Garry and Mark’s teams offer very competitive intermodal rates for shippers concerned about UP’s pricing.

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